Membership and Activities

Colorado Public Radio's Community Advisory Board (CAB) meets four times a year to provide the governing Board of Directors with reviews of programming and of significant policy decisions, and whether the programming and policy decisions meet the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station.

The composition of the CAB is intended to be reasonably representative of the diverse need and interests of  the community.  A community’s interests may be driven by a number of factors., including ethnicity, economic variation, gender considerations, political preferences, age issues, and the geography of the areas served by the station among others.

Members are selected by the Nominating and Governance Committee of the CPR governing Board of Directors, on recommendations from staff and current CAB members. Each CAB member will serve for a term of two years, with the possibility, subject to invitation, of serving a second such term.  After one year following the expiration of the second term, a member may be reappointed to the board.

The CAB meets throughout the year on a quarterly basis in February, May (“annual meeting”), August and November.  Efforts will be made to provide a call-in opportunity for those who cannot be physically present.  Materials may be supplied to members in advance of any meeting, to help members to become familiar with the matters to be discussed and to be more effective in the discussions.

From time to time, members may be given the opportunity to join a task force charged with doing specific work that will ultimately be brought to the Board as a whole.  Task force jobs will be designed so that they can be completed in a meeting or two. It is hoped that certain skill sets of individual members may make their role in any given task force both important and enjoyable, but participation on task forces is optional.

The CAB has as its purpose strategic analysis and possible answers to the broad question of how CPR can better serve its stakeholders.  A wide range of topics may be available for discussion. These may be relevant to the news and information side of CPR as well as to the classical music side.  Areas not directly tied to broadcasting may also be considered.  

The CAB works toward specific outcomes.  Although the Board may determine its own “areas of interest” which to explore, and upon which to make recommendations to the governance board,  it is planned that, generally, the Advisory Board will consider those issues brought to it by the staff and the governance board.  It is understood that the staff has been directed to work closely with the Advisory Board, and to provide any information required by the Board in making its determinations.

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