Contributions from individuals are Colorado Public Radio’s single largest source of funding. Network Partners contribute $1,200+ annually ($100/month) and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that their philanthropy supports CPR's mission and vision, ensuring the future of Colorado Public Radio.

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  • Your dedication preserves balance, credibility and civic discourse through in-depth news; and arts awareness and cultural education through music.
  • Your active membership is an active part of a collective system to help support and sustain an enlightened and informed Colorado community.
  • Your leadership will help inspire others to share in your commitment to thoughtful conversations, ideas and appreciation of the arts on Colorado Public Radio.

Network Partners who contribute $1,200+ may choose a loaded iPod Nano as a thank you gift for their membership. iPods are pre-filled with great Colorado Public Radio content (FMV $257).

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The Positive Impact of Network Partners

Audio: Bob and Russ talk about the value of being Network Partners

Network Partners are invited to occasional annual events, including visits with Renee Montaigne, Frank DeFord, Neil Conan and the CPR Classical Music staff.

Become a Network Partner

For more information about joining CPR as a Network Partner please contact Network Partner Program Coordinator, Alex Schellhase at 1-800-722-4449, ext. 321 or email Thank you!

Current Network Partners

"We have been listening to public radio since the late '70s, and find it is our favorite source of news, information on many topics, and unique entertainment.  We feel that CPR is a very important community resource that requires our support."

- Steve and Linda 

Lois Abbott
Joe Adams and Patricia Habel
​Mona Ahmed and Chris Hughes
Jandel Allen-Davis, M.D., and Anthony Davis
Catherine H. Anderson
Cathy and Truman Anderson
Dave and Nan Anderson
Jonathan Anderson
Anonymous Fund 
          at Aspen Community Foundation 
Garry and Dale Appel
Donald W. Aptekar MD and
          Harriet Moyer Aptekar
​In memory of Devon Arnold
Lauren Arnold and Martin McCarter
​The Auer and Bennett Families
Dr. Maryanne C. Bach
​Carol and John Balkcom
​Betsy Bardsley
​Jill and Adam Barkin
Tom and Diane Barrett
Michelle Barron
David Barry
Janice Baucum
Chuck Becker
George and Phee Belsey
The Benziger Family
James Berggren
Virginia Berkeley and Tom Dietvorst
Leigh Bingham
J. Fern Black
Kendra Black
Joe Blake
Sara Blake
Julie and Mike Bock
Cassie Boggs
Beatriz Bonnet and Michael O'Connor
Carolyn and Joe Borus
Justin and Tobey Borus
Damien Boyd
Chuck and Robbie Breaux
​Rutt and Annie Bridges
Tupper Briggs
Fred and Mary Brown
Michael Browning and Frances Hartogh
Colleen Bryan
Peter Bryant
David and Elizabeth Budd
Bernie and Mary Beth Buescher
​Susan Burgamy
Tom Burns
Bernie and Mary Beth Buescher
Constance and Douglas Cain
Keith and Lindsay Campbell
The Campbell Foundation
Reynolds Cannon
Steve and Linda Cantrill
Hilary Carlson
Adriana and Brian Carpenter
Jay and Nancy Carlson
Dona and Dan Chilcoat
John and Janet Chrisbens
David Christerson and Karen Newman
Charles Clack and Antoinette Tadolini
Sheila Cleworth
Mike and Betty Coan
​Steve Coffin and Patty Shwayder Coffin
Adam and Mindy Cohen
John L. Coil
Margaret and Tom Colbert

Mary Jo and Jim Collins
Ann and Jac Connelly
Robert Connelly
Guy and Helen Connolly
Jerry Conover and Jacquelyn Wonder
The Conway Bennett Family
Beth and Ron Cooper
Alan and Susan Cohen
John and JoAnn Congdon
Eric Cornejo and Dr. Alan Arbuckle
Ann Corrigan and Kent Rice
Sue Coughlin
James and Marilyn Craft
Steve and Kathi Cramer
Bill Culpepper and Family
Barry and Gay Curtiss-Lusher and their family
Carolyn Daniels
Alan and Silvia Danson
Martha Davis
The Deane Family Fund
Deedee Decker
Barbara de Jong
Kate Denning
Susan Diaz
Bob and Julie Diehl
Kathy and Brian Dolan
Ronda Dorchester
Sean and Carrie Dougherty
Michael P. Dowling
DTC Family Health and Walk-In
Peter and Ellen Durst
Pam Eaton and Ted Zukoski
Janet Eden-Harris
Dr. & Mrs. Ted Eickhoff
​Olga Ekberg and Lisa Falconer
Bill and Sharon Elfenbein
Drs. Ellen and Anthony Elias
Greg Ellenoff and Celina Aisner
Don and Mary Elliman
​Barbara Ellman
​John Elmblad and Diane Carter
EOS Foundation
Karen Eriksen
Mark Esposito and Cary Kinross-Wright
Mary Lou Faddick
​Richard and Deborah Felder
Rick and Janis Ferrel
Amy Fesmire
Jill Ferris, Polar Field Services, Inc.
Bruce Fierst
Jack Finlaw and Greg Movesian
Stacy and Henry Fischer
Steve Fisher and Luci Berte
​Bryan Fleming and Mike Orr
​Rick Foster and Julie Waggener
Dr. Terry and Pam Fouts
Susan and John France
Drs. Michael and Molly Frank
Lorie Freeman and Bob Severson
​David and Debra Freyer
Sandra Fritz
Alice and Steven Gansfield
Rick and Margaret Garbe
Jenny Gentry
Jody Georgeson
Brent and Sarah Gephart
Al and Gail Gerrish
Peter and Elisabeth Glass
Linda L. Gleason
Connie Golas
Sandy and Marty Goldhaber
Veronica Goodrich
Robert Gore and Marge Bornstein
Michael D. Grace
Temple Grandin
Jim and Carol Griesemer
Peter J. Griffiths
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Gross
Joe and Cindy Grubenhoff
Ira Haber
Hal and Beverly Haddon
The Tim and Mary Haddon Family Foundation
Carl and Mary Hagen
Margaret and Steve Hahn
The Hall Family
Simon Hambidge and Elizabeth Bayliss
David and Mary Mead Hammond
Deanna Hanna
Felicity Hannay and James F. Wood
Macayla Hansen
Moya Hansen
Meg Hansson
Robert and Catherine Harada
Duke and Pam Hartman
Ellen and David Harwood
Mike and Carleen Haselden
John and Barb Helfrich
Robert Hensler
Nancy and Bruce Henson
Lorraine and Harley Higbie
Mardel Hill
Drs. Mary C. Hill and J. Dungan Smith
Dr. Sue Ellen Hirschfeld
Kenneth and Tania Ho
Richard E. Hoffman
Graham and Cathy Hollis
Elizabeth Holman
Ruth A. Hopfenbeck
Garry and Carol Horle
Holly Hoting
​Gray and Patricia Houlton
​Brockett R. Hudson
Scott and Ria Hudson
The Hueni Family
Marilyn Hunt
Lee Ann Huntington and Dr. Neil Toribara
Kathryn and Michael Huwaldt
William Hyde and Dolores Tiongco
Stacy and David Jackson
Gary and Janet Jacobs
Sanjay Jatana, MD
Drs. Michael and Tamara Jay
Richard and Mary Anne Johnston
Ann Jones
Bob and Shani Jones
Doug Jones
Judy Joseph
LaDonna and Jay Jurgensen
Phil and Linda Keenan
Carol and Tony Keig
Johanna Kelly
Leslie Kelly
Howard Kenison and Debbie Heidish
Drs. Peter Kennealey and
          Colleen Murphy
Dr. Colleen Kepner





Sam and Lana Kevan
Dr. Edith W. King,     

        Worldmindedness Institute of Colorado
Tessa and Steven 
Susan and Dick Kirk
Gabrielle Knox and John Edmiston
​Midge Korczak
Tom and Annette Kowal Family
Jim Krasno and Nancy Nelson
Joyce and Paul Krasnow
Steve and Barbara Krause
John Kreitner 
Pat Kuehl  
David and Pam Kurth
Katherine C. Kurtz
Bob and Susie Ladenburger
​Robert Lambert MD
Ken and Nancy Larner
Ted and Carol Larremore
Melinda and Terry Larrington
Ann Lederer and Robert Hickler
​Elizabeth Legg and John White
Peggy Lehmann
Carole Q. Leight
​​Lloyd David and Carlye Cannon Wattis Foundation
Charles and Gretchen Lobitz
Randy and Cindy Looper
Judith C. Lopez
Paula Lutomirski and Prentice O'Leary
Fran MacKenzie
Tom and Trang MacKenzie
Kim and Nancy Malville
Jonathan and Chelsea Manheim
Jasmine and Ledson Martin 
Jeanie and Randal Martines
Kathy Martinez
Bill and Joy Mathews
Andy Mathis
Saranne Maxwell
Carly Mayer
Bob McCarroll
Jerrald McCollum
Jane McConnell and T.J. Heyman
Linda and Phillip McCurdy
Nancy McDonald
Anne McGihon
Denny McGihon
John W. McKendree
Clyde and Harriet McKenzie
Van William McKnab, II and Margaret R. Jurado
Don and Lydia McLane
Lynda McNeive and Lynn Hornbrook
Barbara A Medina CPA, PC
Ken and Maria Mendelsberg
Dr. Mark and Mr. Jesse Merrill
Doug Michaels
Laura Michaels
Lisa Farber Miller and David Miller
Steve and Gayle Miller
Steve and Jayne Miller
Myra H. Monfort and Dr. William Runyan
Wynn and Millie Montgomery
Ann and Allan Mord
Frank and Pat Moritz
Dr. Kathy Morse
Bob Mosher
John and Pamela Moye
Teresa and Paul Mueller
Norman Mueller and Christine Murphy
Bob Musgraves and Joan Prusse
Dr. Russell E. Myers
Elisabeth Naiman
Anne and David Necker
Erin Neil
Nelson Family Foundation
Deborah and Alan Nelson
Drs. Harold and Sarah Nelson
Raule Nemer and Bob Topp
Sean and Melissa Nethery
Tricia Nichols
Bob Nogueira and Russ Johnson
The O'Brien Family
Janet and Tom O'Connor
Kevin D. O'Connor and Janet Ellen Raasch
William Ohs
Karen and John Olsen
Brian and Joyce Olson
Edward and Jean Onderko
Dr. Bonnie Orkow
Hugh and Colleen Osborne
Gordon and Pam Parker
Bruce Paton
Kevin Patterson and Ann Hovland
​Diane Peake
Virginia and Perry Peine
Karl Pelletier and Jennifer Rocks
Eric Perryman and Lori Potter
Nancy and Jeff Peterson
Dr. Susan Pharo
Janice and Malcolm Pitts
Fred and Connie Platt
Mark and Fay Plummer
Keith and Mimi Pockross
​Dr. Robin Post and Herman Post
Nick and Kathy Prinster
Amy Pulver
Roberta Quiat
Melinda Quiat
Carol Quinn
Sheri Raders
Harland and MaryAnn Ranney
Randy and Kathy Reims
Katie Reinisch
The Remy Family
Patricia Renner
Nora Reznickova
Myra and Robert Rich
Catherine Riggs and Jeff Richards
Peter and Marinka Riley
Steven and Joan Ringel
Jan and Dave Robertson
Andy Robinson
Liane and Tobin Rockley
Genie Roosevelt
Byron and Sally Rose
Joanna and Mark Rosenblum
Sherry and Alan Rowe
Rachel Weston Rowell and Knox Rowell
Martha Rudolph and Bob Brown
Travis Rumsey
Dan and Kelly Russell
Monika M. Rutkowski
Kathryn Records Ryan and Tim Ryan
Mo and Carole Salman
Dean and Carolyn Salter
Marilyn and John Salzman
Steve and Janie Saul
Van Sauve
Bob and Linda Schenkein
Anne Schuster and Duncan Wilcox
Glenn and Carrie Scott
Bill and Debbie Self
Mike and Norelee Sexton
Joseph R. Shaw
Barbara Shecter
Patricia and David Shelton
          in memory of Bernie Kern
Matthew Sherman and Margit Sereny
Marieke and Salil Shukla
Stan Siefer
Ruth Silver
Enid Slack
Jonathan Slatkin
Rich and Terri Slivka
Doug and Cindy Smith
The Ralph L. Smith Foundation
Robert E. and Anne T. Sneed Family Foundation
Diane and Kirke Snyder
Dr. Aris and Suzanne Sophocles
The Sorenson Family Trust
Bob and Carol Steele
Elizabeth Steele
Diane and Bill Steen
Ann Hinkins Steiner
Eugene and Barbara Sternberg Family Foundation
Linda Stevens
Ken and Pab Stiefler
Bob and Margaret Stookesberry
Kris and Tom Stoever
​Dr. Bill Strempel
Decker Swann
Jim and Sue Swanson
Irene and Joe Szyliowicz
​Mrs. Thomas Taplin
​John Tarr
Dennis and Susan Tellis
​Chris and Christine Tesmer
Barb and Mike Thomas
Dr. Carol Traut and Dr. David Wahl
Dennis Trescott
Richard Turner and Britta Erickson
Amie and Ben Valore-Caplan
Ed and Pat VanBramer
Varela Wilson Family
Joan and Fred Venable
Buzz and George Ann Victor
Dr. Sam Wagonfeld and Sally V. Allen
Barbara B Walker
Ben and Lucy Ana Walton
Drs. Fred and Marianne Wamboldt
Anne Warhover
Polly Warner and Chris Crawford
Larned A. Waterman and Paul S. Mesard
Jackie Whaley
Drs. Michael and Patrice Whistler
Lisa Whitesides and Shen Nagel
Drs. Wes Williams and Julie Wolf
Drs. Michael Wiltberger and Holly Batal
Greg and Dorothy Wilson
Leslie Y. Wilson
Windfall Foundation
Jimmy Winokur
Dee and Jan Wisor
Stuart and Ellen Witkin
Carol Wolf
Dean and Marsha Woodward
Joan and Tom Woodward
Karen Yablonski-Toll
​Gwen and Randy Young
Pat Zeller
Phil Zeitler and Barbara Morris
Vince Zimmerman and Dan Murphy
Joseph Zmugg
Wojciech Zolcik


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